Former Boxing Champ Promotes His New Anti-Aging Product Line For Men


Victor Ortiz, the former welterweight boxing champion, is partnering with FaceLube Automotive and TLK Fusion to create a brand new men skin care product. The product is called VO and “V” comes from Victor and “O” from Ortiz.

They hope that the product will be developed into a fully fledged product line. The product line will be named Victor Ortiz Men’s Anti-Aging Skin Care Pack.

The product will first be available to the public during the World Series of Poker Tournaments. The poker tournament’s location is RIO Hotel & Casino. 100,000 men are expected to participate at the World Series of Poker Tournaments. All of these men will be exposed to the new anti-aging product line by Victor Ortiz.

One of the skin care products is called FaceLube. It’s an eco-friendly product and it makes your face appear younger. The VO line will also include an anti-aging shaving pack. The pack contains high-end products bundled together so they come to a more affordable price.

TLK Fusion is one of the partners of the VO product line and Ken Collis is the president of TLK Fusion. He declared: “Most anti-aging products are geared towards females, and most people don’t realize just how high of a demand there is for a line of quality men’s grooming and anti-aging products that are also affordable. We are thrilled about the partnership between FaceLube and Victor Ortiz”

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