How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Is This The Worst Beard Ever? No Seriously, John Travolta Has A New Weird Beard
Is This The Worst Beard Ever? No Seriously, John Travolta Has A New Weird Beard

Did you know the beard is a historical emblem of power? That’s why influential men sport this style. From Abraham Lincoln, Chuck Norris, to ZZ Top, even Santa and Jesus know how to rock a good, thick beard. It doesn’t matter if you can’t grow super long facial hair, you can make sure that the hair you grow is healthy and growing at its own max capacity. The biggest mistake men make is focusing on the belief that they cannot grow a beard at all, which is extremely rare.


Growing a beard can be one of life’s secret joys; even a token accomplishment. Not all men find it easy to grow plums of facial hair, but there are a few things you can do to help. While the rate and thickness of growth you produce will be dependent on your age and genetics, one thing all men lack is patience. This is how many men come to ask for advice on how to make your beard grow faster, as no one enjoys the itchy, fuzzy growing in phase.


So, if you are looking to get into the beard scene, Male Standard has a few tips to share to help you look and feel like a pro in no time!


1. Give Your Beard the Tools to Grow

It might sound obvious, but a diet high in protein, with less stress and more sleep can help you grow a faster beard. Stress is one of the contributing factors of hair loss, and will reverse the effects in men of any age. Protein gives your body the right nutrients to grow more hair, and sleep is the necessary time to put it all into place. Even drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day will help keep the growth thick and healthy.

Biotin is a natural hair growth supplement that you can take to help improve the hair quality and growth. This is especially helpful in men who suffer thin, patchy beards. Biotin contains Vitamin B6, C, and E, which will help keep your hair and skin in top shape. The downside to this supplement is that hair and nails are much alike, and accelerated nails and other bodily hair are likely to occur. So make sure you can deal with this potential before going forward.

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2. Commit to Growing a Beard

The next problem men face when trying to grow a beard faster is unreasonable expectations. It is almost impossible to wake up one morning with a fully-fledged beard, but you can begin to see growth over a few days. When tempted to shave it all off, remember that it will take time and that you are taking active steps in the right downward direction. Most men move out of the itchy, growing in phase by the end of the week, so focus on something else and it will arrive faster.

Go through the Male Standard vaults and look up different shapes and styles.

Or choose your beard personality from this chart:


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3. Work With the Facial Hair You Have

Just because the beard is not super long yet, or where you want it to be, does not mean you can’t enjoy the growth that you have. Embrace each new growth phase as a time to test out new beard styles, and enjoy growing from stubble into substantial growth. Keeping the beard trim is also a great technique for creating the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Long, straggly hair is not going to look good on anyone.

Invest in a quality facial groomer, so that you can style the longer hair as it comes in. While it might seem counterintuitive to cut hair, keeping it in shape also promotes new growth. Much like the hair on your head, split ends and damage mean that your body is working overtime to repair that damage instead of creating new growth. So don’t be scared to trim things back or into shape, if you are looking for lofty facial locks.

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4. Fill in the Blanks

If like many men, you suffer from patchy facial hair, consider filling in the blanks with beard products that give the appearance of thicker beards. This will immediately draw the eye to the area and make it look as if there is more hair than there is. Most of the time, celebrities keep their beards short and thick, and use this approach. You would be surprised how short some beards actually are, but it’s actually their presence that carries the greatest of weight.

Any barber worth his salt keeps this stuff on hand. A beard thickener is a spray on product, which gives professional results. Use this in areas where you have thin, patchy growth to give the appearance of a fuller beard. Just be sure you don’t overdo it, otherwise you might end up Amish on the scale of awesome. Also, choose a color, which is closest to your natural so you don’t end up with a weird leopard print effect (unless that’s your thing).

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5. Keep Your Facial Hair in Good Condition

Once you have grown your beard, keeping it in top condition will prevent the need to trim if off and start again. Castor oil is a great conditioning treatment that promotes hair growth, and will keep your beard moving in the right direction. Apply castor oil at night before you go to bed (a towel will help prevent staining), and wash off in the morning. Keep this ritual daily until the hair shows successful growth, and then move to a weekly régime.



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  • kevin says:

    Hi I’ve got my Jerome Russell spray on product and like my self I can’t grow a full beard that gd as I have thin patches how many times do u have to use it to see best results and Wat else can I get to make my facial hair grow quickly


  • I was writing an article about facial hair growth and the use of beard vitamins when I found out this article.

    I think one of the best ways to look real good is to grow some nice looking beard as a man. It doesn’t hurt; rather it adds to your outlook!

    Thank you malestandard for setting the standard!

  • BassMan says:

    Hey everybody. I’m 20years old and I don’t have thicker facial hair yet. I have some hair growing in zones like the lower border of the chin, moustache and sideburns, but it is not too much and looks like weak hair. It looks like the facial hair of a 15 year old teenager. What can I do for fix that issue? I want to grow a beard. My dad has a full beard and he told me he grew his when he was 20. Can somebody give me an advice? I drink a lot of water, I do excercise, I’m not a stressful guy and I take vitamins. Thanks a lot.

    • John says:

      Genetics mate. Just stick with it and see how it looks after a few more weeks/months – that will give you an idea on whether you’re capable of growing a full beard.

    • Jon says:

      After what I learned from my dad and his dad, is that you should shave it, the oftener you shave it the faster you get the “stuble” look, I myself have done that and got faster results than i actually expected

  • Ben Menton says:

    Your tips are great! Trying to grow my beard.

  • dharanush says:

    old dutch

    I want full beard on face fully can give u suggest for me

    • Pepe says:

      Try shaving your beard how yu want it to look. Such as if yu want a goatee just shave your cheeks and under your chin. If yu keep shaving this way yu will notice a difference

  • Caveman says:

    Thank you for this! Just bought myself some Biotin.
    I found this blog funny and helpful:

  • terry says:

    I have no problem with facial hair and all my life i have kept it short. But now i want a nice big beard. But dont know best for keeping from looking out of control. I have heard caster oils and biotin is a great way to add growth and shine. Please help

    • Casey says:

      Terry, look at the comment below this reply. AND good luck growing out the beard. The bearditude beard oils also help with that itchy feeling you may get as you’re trying to grow it out.

  • Casey says:

    Terry, I recommend high quality beard oils. They nourish your beard and facial skin to keep your beard looking healthy, feeling soft and full, and they also give it a nice aroma. has a selection of oils available from unscented to citrus to cinnamon. These oils make a difference immediately as well as get better with time. They do not make your beard feel oily or greasy. And the feeling lasts all day. It’s a great way to keep your beard tamed as well. That with a combination of a boars hair brush, will get you beard looking ang feeling great in no time. Don’t just wear a beard, own it!

  • Karter says:

    i want a thick beard. i have been using some hair food and hair growers but it wont work..#BoredDepressedAnnoyed

  • J. Husin says:

    I have a goatee and moustache but can’t seem to grow a damn beard. Maybe us Asians are not supposed to have one. Will try your tips.

  • James White says:

    I am going through a difficult phase. Can anyone help me? The problem is that my beard is not growing properly. I have the thin beard this is really looking awkward. My friends have dense facial hair and that makes me feel depressed. I am not feeling confident nowadays. I am just trying to avoid the female friends with the fear that they will not find me attractive. I have tried many products, but that did not help me much. I am desperately looking for some help. Have you gone through this phase at some point in your life? If anyone has the same problem then please share with me and help me to come out of the situation. I am looking for your help.

  • Brandon says:

    I am 24yearsold. I just recently started being able to start the beard process i’d say about a couple years ago. Its not perfect though. I have the patch problem in random places on both sides,as one side gets fuller than the other. So most of the time i grow a chinStrap beard skinny or i just keep hair on my chin shave everything else. I have always had issues being able to connect my mustache to my chin,which making a goatee,its beyond frustrating. Just recently my barber mentioned a product called “Bigen”a type hair color best used for facial hair. So the edge up my original beard then apply the Bigen which is really close to my natural hair color &then they edge it up once more.the Bigen actually fills in the patches giving my beard a way more fuller lasts about a week maybe a day or 2more than that. i don’t use it to connect my mustache to chin though,becuz it wont look will look as if i painted my face.becuz once its applied thickly &edged up.Which with this product the barber is able to give you the most perfect crisp lines,using the straight blade, which then you wait about 45mins-60mins as long as its dried. Honestly the longer the better. Then you wash it off with a wet rag. Then you will have a FULL PERFECT looking beard,no patches whatsoever. You can use it on your mustache as well. But yes,its what I use.& in the process my beard keeps growing while still looking full,just wish i could connect my mustache to my chin, biggest headache.. anyone else have that problem?

  • victor says:

    @caveman i really want to know were can i get the biotin can i get it here in Nigeria? pls reply me through my email or kindly reach me +2348137444185

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