Budweiser is asking men all around the world to take one day off from shaving June 5 to recognize World Environment Day. The United Nations planned this day to raise environmental conservation, awareness and education.

Budweiser and the Standard Sales Company are coming together for the “Grow One, Save a Million” program developed by Budweiser. The program, which runs from May 23 to June 5, asks adult men to take a break from shaving before the “day” in a goal to save one million gallons of water.  One shave will use approximately five gallons of water with average shave using between three and 10 gallons of water.  By putting the razors down, 35 gallons of water can be saved each week.

It’s important to conserve water and, with the “day” set aside, it’s the hope to bring awareness to water conservation.

Men can register on Budweiser’s Facebook page to find out more about the program and make their pledge to “grow” one. It also provides a running tabulation of how much water is being saved with the effort.

Budweiser’s brewer, Anheuser-Busch, is committed to water conservation in its amenities and protecting community waterways.

Standard Sales Company built their new warehouse ensuring sustainability. It’s got energy-efficient lighting, environmental-friendly materials, water wise plant life and the newest warehouse cooling technology.