At, we had the pleasure of interviewing the founder of Game Day Skincare for the Active Man. Read on as Demetri Demascus shares his entrepreneurial journey toward developing a line of high-end skincare and shaving products.


Tell us a little about Game Day…


Game Day is a father-son brand that makes high-end shaving and skincare products designed to fill the needs and demands of active men. I launched Game Day in 2013 with my Father, Kerry Demascus, who has long been an expert in facial aesthetics and has been in practice over 20 years. Together we set out to educate men on the rigors that daily life can take on the body and provide them with high-quality products that they will enjoy using now yet will see the long-term anti-aging benefits later.





How did Game Day begin?


I graduated from Babson College in 2013, where I initially got the idea of Game Day and started working from my dorm room. I concentrated in entrepreneurship at Babson as a goal of mine was always to start a company in an industry that I enjoyed. My Father and I wanted to offer people the best possible products that they will want to use. In too many industries are products just pumped out to fill demand. No attention to quality or detail. I am passionate about designing a product that people want and appreciate. There is such a large gap today between high-quality products with attention to detail and the low-quality, mass-produced products. If you are going to do something, do it right.


What was your motivation for starting-up the company/brand?


I was motivated to start Game Day after I just could not find any cool, high quality products for guys. Everything was either cheap, cheesy or just pointless. Many of the well-known high-end skincare and shaving products currently on the market for men are actually designed for women and rebranded for men. That is unacceptable for a man who is looking for something created with them in mind. What I wanted was simple, nice looking, high-quality products that were good for my skin and masculine. Men are starting to take care of themselves more by exercising, eating right and taking care of their bodies. Choosing to use the right products for you skin is another essential step in making the right choices to keep you and your body healthy.


What are the reasons behind the name “Game Day”?


Game Day was started for the active man. Sports and physical activity help drive a man’s life. I remember my father taking me to watch New York Rangers games or driving me to my own youth hockey game. Game Day is important to men across all generations. Whether a child experiencing an intense game against their cross-town rivals, an active man tying his shoes for a run or a grandfather enjoying watching football on Sunday, it is Game Day. Like sports, shaving is essential across generations. While the tools and styles have changed over years, learning to shave is a step towards manhood. Our aim is that when generations of men shave with our products, they will be ready for Game Day.





Who was responsible for designing your packaging and what do the colors and overall design represent?


I designed the packaging to represent an update on that of the classic striping from sports jerseys. Black is a clean, mature color that is prominent in the modern world of sports. Red is a color that represents victory and the blood, sweat and tears that go into any sporting event. The chrome is an abode to the future and represents quality. The palate comes together to form sleek, stylish packaging that appeals to active and sporting men of all generations.


How is Game-Day Skin Care Products different from others on the market?

Game Day is different because we use only the highest quality ingredients that provide you with the strongest, healthiest skin possible in our exclusive formulas. We use revolutionary ingredients such as Alpine-Willowherb Extract and Pear Cactus Extract for their anti-aging effects. The extremely rare Alpine-Willowherb extract regulates your pores, meaning your skin will become cleaner and smoother, even with an active lifestyle. Pear Cactus Extract naturally soothes and calms the skin, reducing stress for both you and your skin. We also use Forskolin, which is a Makandi Root Extract. Forskolin boosts cellular pheromone levels, leading to increased testosterone. It also provides essential UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. We also use Green Tea Extract and Black Tea Extract to further enforce our attention to preventing sun damage.


Our product line differs from other men’s skincare companies because we created a line to fit the needs of active men. Men don’t want to spend hours on their skin. Due to this, we created duel use products that simply for the shaving and skincare experience. We have the only anti-aging shower-gel that is also a facial cleanser. By using our shower gel, you will cleanse and clean dirt, sweat and grime from the skin while regulating pores, smoothing over wrinkles and protecting against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our other products include a unique, cooling aftershave balm, an exfoliating pre-shave, an SPF moisturizer and an energizing facial tonic. Our facial tonic is like nothing on the market and energizes you with vitamins and anti-oxidants while firming and deodorizing skin. The Game Day collection is perfect for any man’s bathroom, gym or travel bag.


Why do you think men are putting so much emphasis on skin health nowadays?


Men are starting to realize that you only get one life and one body. You simply have to take care of yourself if you want to live a long, healthy life. Three easy ways to achieve this are proper exercise, eating right and daily care. Proper skincare takes just minutes out of your day, but can keep you looking young and healthy for years. Hygiene plays a major role in health and happiness. Skincare is just another extension of taking care of your body. Choosing to use high quality, natural ingredients will help ensure that your skin will stay clear, youthful and strong.


Taking the time to take care of your skin now can help prevent skin cancer and other disease. The elements take a toll on your body and sun damage is growing concern. Proper care such as moisturizing with an SPF moisturizer in the morning can help protect the skin from harmful UV rays from the sun. By making a small investment in the right skincare products now, you can save thousands by taking care to prevent expensive surgeries due to sun damage and poor skin health.


Can you give us a little insight on your childhood and how it helped influence whom you are today?


I was born in New York, NY in 1991 and grew up in Greenwich, CT. I spent my childhood days playing hockey in the winter and surfing in the summer with my younger Brother and Sister. From a young age, being active was instilled in me. Today I still hold to these values with my sports now being golf and skiing. I always try to escape to the golf course when I find some time to play some holes. I am also a “fitness freak” and if I cannot be found in the Game Day offices or on the course, there is a good chance that I am in the gym. I split my time between Greenwich, CT and Boston, MA; two amazing cities that provide so many options for sport and recreation. Travel has also always been a passion of mine and I have been fortunate to see a great deal of the world. Being exposed to many different cultures allowed become to become a well-rounded individual and a better member of society.


“What is your MaleStandard?”


My MaleStandard is to never settle for anything but the best. You only live once, why not take advantage of the best our world has to offer? It is a lifestyle. If you strive for the best, you can and will achieve it. If you don’t, you will never get there.


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