Anyone who tuned into the Oscars probably found themselves asking at some point during the red carpet celebrations, “How can I look like that?” Celebrities have an amazing ability to turn out in droves, answer heart wrenching questions under pressure, and still look the epitome of calm and collected in the face of public judgment. It’s not easy to pull together perfection, and facing crowds of people in daily life is no exception.


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With six months of image research and male grooming development carried out behind the scenes, Male Standard asks whether it is possible to pull together an Oscar worthy appearance without all the prepping and outrageous costs (millions of dollars’ worth diamonds, designers suits, and expenses – and that’s just the men!). Let’s take a look at the winning trends and see how you can bring them to life at home.

Celebrity Male Trends at the 2013 Oscars

Many people tune into the Oscars not for the award ceremony, but to find out what’s going on in the world of fashion. This year, many were surprised to see that the men were upping their game and even bringing daring color to the red carpet. Men’s skinny ties and every color of the spectrum were on show; with navy, grey, and red replacing worn out black suits. For those who did go down the traditional route, and there were many, nothing less than the full tux service was in order and rightly so; how often do you get to dress to impress?

Bring the Right Attitude to Your Attire

Django Unchained scored Quentin Tarantino the Oscar for best original screenplay, and while that might make you nervous when accepting such a huge accolade we can’t help but applaud his ability to rock out at the Oscars. He was said to arrive looking what critics call disheveled – we say geek chic, awesome skinny ties and a rocking attitude can take you far in life! Pro tip: It’s not always what you wear, but how you wear it that counts!


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Quentin Tarantino showing on fear on the main stage.

Put in the Time and Planning BEFORE a Major Event

Daniel Day Lewis racked up the awards, but it was his navy two-button Prada ensemble that got people talking for all the right reasons. We would however recommend some matte powder, or oil reducing face wash when mastering the art of photography. If you’re under pressure, work in a warm environment or in-front of the camera, eliminating that sheen around the forehead and t-zone (the bridge of the nose and cheeks) is critical. We would also have added a touch of frizz serum to the hair to prepare for the acceptance role!


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Daniel Day Lewis looking happy but somewhat flustered.

Be Bold: Step Out with a New Look Once in a While

Without a doubt, Ben Affleck has been turning heads throughout 2012-2013 and not just for the leaps his astonishing career has taken. His newly acquired facial hair has propelled this once young actor into a vision of critically acclaimed and well respected director. His look commands respect and draws plenty of great attention, but it was said he shaved it off during the Oscars after-party as per the request of his wife (who brought the clippers we might add!), George Clooney and after copious of rounds of tequila.

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We have to say, the before was rocking and both look great but you might want to carry out any desirable facial grooming in the privacy of your own home!4

Red Carpet Hairstyles from the 2013 Oscars

The suits weren’t the only showcase this year; many male celebrities were using the red carpet as the perfect excuse to try out a new hairstyle.  With the warmer weather on the way, shorter is often a worthwhile solution but hair of all lengths was on display. There was no real trend for hair this year so long as it was natural, well kept, and healthy. We did however spot some styles you might want to avoid; you can read up on our top best five hairstyle predictions for this year here.

It takes a special kind of man to pull out his best lace wig for a special event, and John Travolta was stepping up to that plate (though there wasn’t exactly a waiting line). Some were raving about how great this aging star looked, while others were sucked into what has since become known as the “Travolta Travesty.” Questions such as, “Why does he feel the need to fake the fountain of hair?” gripped social media platforms everywhere.


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As the night continued, the wig became more of an amusing talking point than a grooming requirement and we’re not quite sure what to make of this grand appearance. What do you think? Should men leave the wigs and extensions to the women, or are there a time and a place to pull out a weave on the weekend? Leave a comment if you are brave enough to wear a wig in public or defend your right to “baldly” go where no man has gone before!

While you’re waiting for next years red carpet to roll out, pick up a copy of the Ultimate Guide to Grooming for our expert breakdown of 101 techniques you need to know.