Spring Break is an awesome excuse to liven up a sluggish male grooming regime, and with weeks of potential dates and hot action on display, it’s no surprise that many student bathroom doors slam shut in fierce determination and preparation. Spring Break offers plenty of shenanigans, and the cost of hooking-up is significantly higher during this time than almost any other.


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Male Standard spoke with industry experts Gillette to get the low down on what’s hot and what’s not at six mega-Spring Break destinations around the country. The results were incredible…


We found that many guys opt for the freshly shaven look as a way to impress, using this tactic as a quick fix, but not as a daily wear. Many said that shaving was simply time-consuming that they would rather be doing anything else but shaving. So when asked by Katrina Bowden, would they stay smooth shaving after Spring Break, many said no and would save the effort for next year.


While this makes perfect sense, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice…



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Without regular treatments and routines, your efforts to polish and preen will never be as successful as well-maintained skin and facial hair.


The Damaging Effects of Not Shaving Regularly 


If you are someone who shaves infrequently, you might be putting undue stress on your delicate facial skin without even realizing it.


Every time you shave, you risk irritating the skin, but how much aggravation you promote is dependent on how much hair you have to remove and the condition of your skin. While you might pan it off to thinking, but it will be better for me to leave it and do it all at once, this doesn’t work on the face. You benefit from shaving little and often, instead of trying to move mountains at one time.


As you have already invested in a great quality, freshly shaven look for Spring Break now is the perfect time to maintain that look. This will save you time, effort, and even hard-earned cash (think replacing disposable razors more often). What’s even better is that you will notice your skin condition improve, your acne might reduce (as irritation is one of the leading causes), and the ladies will stick around for longer.



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MIAMI, FL – MARCH 15: The Gillette Spring Break tour tent at Bayside Marketplace on in Miami, Florida.


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You owe it to yourself to consider Katrina’s awesome advice; learn how to keep it up!


How to Stay Smooth with Gillette after Spring Break 


Chances are if you have arrived home after Spring Break, you might be feeling a little worse for wear. Between traveling, maybe drinking or eating different foods (that are usually greasy), you might be left feeling somewhat deflated from all the action and activities. You might even be sleeping at more unusual hours, or find that acne is in full swing, because let’s face it, our bodies hate change.


Many guys put this down to being home and out of vacation mode, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Avoiding the Spring Break Blues is as straightforward as carrying on the routines that benefited you while you were away…


If smooth shaving worked for you then, it will work for you now, but this time you stand to gain 50 more weeks of the year hooking-up and socializing! Reconsider investing in a quality shaving program that can help you draw attention for all the right reasons aside from Spring Break. Not only will she appreciate it, but also your friends won’t think to keep up their efforts, and might lose their girl.


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Don’t be a chump. If she fell for you on Spring Break, give her a reason to stick around!


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