Male Standard are huge fans of Hugo Boss, so when we received a new sample of Hugo Boss Red, we were really excited. These men’s fragrances are sensual, heady scents that are extremely versatile, wearable, affordable, and just smell plain great. Quickly, we set to work unwrapping and testing out this new release, to see if it too gained our seal of approval. First impressions were as you can imagine, smashing. The bottle is attractive, well made, and everything we have come to expect and love about Hugo Boss. The striking red design caught our attention, and looks fantastic on the bathroom counter top, but it’s what’s inside that counts, right?




Hugo Boss Red is a spicy oriental fragrance, inspired by a contrast of hot and cold metal. Red hot metal being a clear warning sign of danger and cold metal being safe to touch whilst creating a sense of solidness. Hugo Boss Red is a dynamic fragrance for men to unlock their daring side. For us, we felt that this was a truly wearable fragrance, blending from day to night without fuss. It wasn’t as dangerous or daring as you might think, with the focus of this fragrance developing throughout the day, we loved the sweet, tangy infusion, and longevity; a great choice for a full day in the office or drinks after. If you’re looking for a solid investment this fall, this would be a top pick, as the fruity tones remind us of those warm summer evenings fading by.


The top notes in Hugo Boss Red are:


  • Metallic notes, grapefruit, pink pepper and galbanum
  • Heart notes: rhubarb, cedar, pineapple and metallic notes
  • Base notes: tonka bean and amber


Jared Leto Backstage Filming the New Hugo Boss Red Perfume


Jared Leto shoots the new TVC of HB Red perfume. Take a look at the backstage scenes and how the talented team managed to put it all together.



HUGO Red–Actor and 30 Seconds to Mars front-man Jared Leto stars in his second Hugo Boss fragrance campaign. Fronting Hugo Boss’ new fragrance HUGO Red, Jared brings another hand forward.


Overall, we would give this a 4 star rating. It’s not as daring as we would have liked, but it is a quality cologne most men will appreciate and find extremely wearable and enjoyable. It also melds into an existing Hugo Boss Collection exceeding well, offering something new and tangy to enjoy.


For more info on Hugo Boss Red, please visit http://store-us.hugoboss.com/