Last week, Male Standard brought you the exclusive action on the new Man of Steel movie with a blast from this superhero past! Today, we want to show you how to create this iconic look at home with modern styling products and really simple techniques to getting this look right. As we are seeing tons of movie inspired looks this year, don’t forget to leave a comment below if there is one in particular you need to know! The Man of Steel grooming routine took on two unique goals, and both are fantastic options for the modern man. With a clean-shaven, traditional hairstyle, you can take this super look to the office and beyond. Man of Steel also saw the newly acquired facial stubble, and is a look that we think more men should be sporting. So look below for some excellent tutorials on how to get these looks at home!


How to Style Man of Steel Hair at Home


On camera, the Man of Steel hair is shiny, thick and healthy. Even if your hair is not quiet on par as a superpower, you can recreate this iconic look with the right styling products.




Off camera, actor Henry Cavill sports a casual textured style with tons of volume and curl. This is a great style for men with hard to tame hair! To recreate this look at home, we recommend using the Gatsby Moving Rubber Wax in either Wild Shake or Cool Wet. Having these two polymer products on hand means that you can double your style depending on your mood. The Wild Shake will help give you a tousled bedhead look throughout the day, and the Cool Wet offers a high shine and glossy look perfect for on camera appearances.

Cool Wet Gatsby Wax





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Simply rub in your hands to activate the polymer technology and apply to wet or dry hair. You’ll want to start working the product in from the sides, and moving the hair up for volume. Once the sides are complete, begin to shape the bangs by twisting them into the iconic kiss curl as shown in the photograph below. If you are going for the sleek look then using short movements will help reduce frizz and flyaway hair.



For the messy do, begin to pull the hair from the crow into different directions using chunky twisting motions and larger sections of hair. This will give it that wild, just flown feel.


How to Save Like the Man of Steel


For the traditional clean-shaven look, choosing a quality razor that has a sharp blade and pivot to move into the contours of your face is a great choice. You want to ensure that you remove every hair, and are left with soft, fuzz free face to carry off this look. The BIC Flex4 is a fantastic choice that won’t break the bank, but features added Aloe Vera for super soft results, and built in spring technology to give you the smoother shave possible.




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When looking for the ultimate smooth shave, always invest in a natural shaving cream like this one by Beardition for the protection your skin needs. The organic ingredients are designed to hydrate your skin during and after shaving, and contain Aloe Vera to sooth away any irritation and dryness. The shaving cream offers a lasting lather, and is perfect for doubling up on those passes for an inhumanly close shave!



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How to Achieve the Rugged Man of Steel Beard




If you prefer a beard, then this look is for you. This trimmed by rugged beard is going to be a big hit this summer and is super simple to style. Use a beard and facial hair trimmer like this Mangroomer Scruff Sculptor Pro that has been specifically designed to give you that perfect scruffy look without the fuss. Choose the exact length of hair you desire. Shave in confidence knowing any excess hair will be caught in the unique ‘whisker’ hold.




This is a fantastic razor for men who appreciate the scruff, sculpted look. We know that Man of Steel would approve!


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