When it comes to shaving, we all admit to preferring a good old-fashioned wet shave, but most of us don’t always have the time or expertise to carry them out at home. There’s a reason why we burn through more than 2 billion razors each year, they are convenient. There are no fancy leather strops and razor holders, or elite blades that claim to change who you are as a man, just a simple to use and straight out of the pack shaver designed to take hair off your face.



Photo credit: BIC Flex4 Launching at Sturgis


The problem is if you’ve ever grabbed the first pack of disposable razors off the shelf, you are in for one of two surprises. Firstly, disposable razors are not actually cheap. When we think fast and easy, we have been programmed to think pocket friendly, like fast food. Secondly, when you get home, you might be alarmed to suddenly find yourself sporting razor rash or suddenly break out the day after shaving.


Male Standard teamed up with industry experts BIC to find out what is going on, and how you can solve these glaring problems with exclusive insight and photos from Sturgis!


It’s no surprise that each new disposable razor to hit the market claims to have something unique to grab your attention, but few have the ability to make substantial promises that can protect your skin. Thankfully, BIC had no such expectations or wild goose stories, and simply sent us a pack and said, ‘Try it yourself.’ Going in with an open mind and no expectations we figured why not, what do we have to lose?


As it happened, quiet a lot had we passed this razor set up!



Photo credit: BIC Flex4 Launching at Sturgis


Paul Teutul, Sr., owner of Orange County Choppers, at the BIC Flex4 motorcycle unveiling at BIC Corporation in Shelton, proving that BIC caters to all razor users!  




Unlike other manufactures who keep reinventing the wheel, BIC realized that with summer hot on our heels, now is the time to pay special attention to your skins hydration. Shaving can be drying on the skin as it removes the oils and hair that naturally protect and nourish. Instead, BIC added tons of Aloe Vera to soothe and protect, and an extra-large rubber guard and extra blade to ensure as few passes are needed to their already awesome BIC Flex3 design.


The four blades are sharp enough to get the closest shave possible, but you can actually feel the spring mounted technology in action. This was like using the Cadillac of disposable razors. All our reviewers agreed that the Flex4 shaved like a champion, left the skin feeling super silky soft, and did so on the first pass! They liked the ergonomic handle designed for men, and that the shaver worked well on the head and chest making it versatile and truly convenient.




“The BIC Flex4 razor is perfect for summer. Any man can battle a heat wave with comfort and style after using this product. It offers a close, smooth and comfortable shave with high quality performance and durability.”


What You Get


  • 4 Independent spring mounted blades to distribute and absorb pressure
  • Blades promote an ultra-soft, close shave
  • Extra thick rubber guard bar for a better stretch of the skin and more precision
  • Pivoting head follows the sensitive contours of the specifics of a man’s face
  • Handle has an ergonomic grip for better handling and a comfortable shave


What We Liked


  • It was super quick to rinse the blades in-between shaving (although they didn’t retain as many hairs as other disposable razors often can)
  • The results were better than many other electrical razors or high-end shavers without the massive price tag, two thumbs up for value!
  • The BIC Flex4 left the skin noticeably smoother and softer, without the risk of rashes or burning and did so for several days after (no matter how you style and shave).
  • Consistent results across the board: No nicks, cuts, irritation, or long periods required to get a professional result.
  • It handled contouring and trimming exceptionally well, which was a bonus!


What You Need to Know


  • 3 Shavers per pack
  • Retails for around $6.99
  • Available at most drug stores
  • Approved by Orange County Choppers




Photo credit: BIC Flex4 Launching at Sturgis


Chris Mills, Senior Vice President and General Manager of BIC North America doing his best impersonation of Paul Teutul, Sr., owner of Orange County Choppers


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