Would some of the male celebrities have the same appeal, that certain je ne sais quois without their most notable feature?  For George Clooney, it’s the half grin, part smirk that makes us recognize y perfect him, for Denzel Washington, it’s the impossibly perfect smile.  But for Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds – there is a much more compelling feature.

Their bold, elegant, and robust mustaches really have added to their incredible appeal.  Would these actors, or sports figures like Hulk Hogan, still have their appeal without their well known facial hair?  It’s hard to imagine a clean cut Tom Selleck, it just would not be the same.

Like women with their fashion accessories, a well groomed mustache is just as important, and even more memorable on a man.  More and more celebrities are sporting facial hair – from the ridiculous beard that Joaquin Phoenix once sported, to Matthew McConaghey’s scruffy beard.  There are so many wonderful and diverse examples of facial hair, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

From Brad Pitt at the Oscars sporting a light beard and looking wizened allowing beard down to earth, to the billowing beard sported by Ian McKellen during his days of Lord of the Rings fame the mustaches and beards sported by celebrities have a strong impact on the trends in men’s facial hair today.

Gone is the 90’s goatee, the crazy handlebar mustaches of the 1970s, and the baby face, clean cut look of the 80’s, the trend in mustaches is more of a natural progression.  A well trimmed mustache, one that looks natural and unaffected has, at long last, taken center stage.  The look is elegant and refined, a balance of polish and style with a slight nod at following the path less traveled.

The top 10 Celebrity Mustaches today:

10. Jeff Foxworthy – but remember, you might be a redneck if your mustache is longer than your wife’s hair.

9. Alex Trebec – the host of Jeopardy has long held in facial hair in high esteem.

8. Ron Jeremy – this realty star has sported a mustache from neat and trim to wild and wooly.

7. Wilfred Brimley – actor, spokesman, and he sports a full, robust mustache.

6. Movie director John Waters – his eerie pencil thin mustache gives him the look of a mad man, or a true genius, it’s hard to tell which.

5.  Sam Elliot – simple, elegant, and always trimmed to perfection.

4. Burt Reynolds – the mustache gives him a certain rouge-ish air.

3. Hulk Hogan – his classic white mustache may be a nod to the 80s, but you have to respect his staying power.

2. Geraldo Rivera – with a neat and tidy mustache, the mustache here definitely makes the man.

1. Tom Selleck – no one can sport a mustache like he can.  It just can’t be done.